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Founder's Corner

Lover of all things food

Jhaelynn Elam a graduate of Tuskegee University, received two bachelors of science degrees in Food Science and Biology in 2016. Upon completion, she enrolled in graduate school to receive her Master's in Food Science and Technology with a focus on Sensory Science at The Ohio State University.  Food has always been her passion and she considers it the common denominator in her life. She challenges people to step out of their comfort zone and embrace the various experiences that are associated with food, which is what led her to start FFF.


Finding and using your thread

Hello, foodies! I want to take a quick break from food talk to talk about why I began FFF in the first place! I recently watched an interview with Zim Ugochukwu, founder of the innovative travel company, Travel Noire. In this particular interview, Zim focused on the idea of "finding and using" your thread. Shortly after watching the interview, I began researching the concept. Doing one of my favorite things to do, googling, I ran across this book, Body of Work: Finding the Thread That Ties Your Story Together. Let's just say it has been added to my personal reading and book club list and I am super excited to dig in! 


Overall, the concept refers to our individual threads as something that ties your story together and brings it around full circle. For instance, a little girl who when she was younger, had a fascination with patterns and playing dress up and she eventually grew up to be a fashion designer. Or, the story of a young girl who loved to play in makeup that grew up to become a cosmetic chemist and yearned to obtain complete knowledge of everything that is and will ever be makeup. It is the storyline of something that at one point seemed so small and tiny but eventually grew into something really big and amazing. Some things can be right under our noses but we have yet to discover them, and that's okay. 


In the midst of knowing that food was my passion, I explored many short-lived ambitions that seemed cool to do because of how the media portrayed them, or because of the enticing salary that came with them. I learned rather quickly that those things weren't my passions, and they definitely were not part of my thread. Now, when pursuing something, I think about how it connects with my storyline and I always consider the bigger picture. I promise you, it is the most rewarding feeling knowing that I am actually conscious of my decisions and how they contribute to my life goals. My blog is a part of my thread, it is a platform for my past, present and future experiences to come. I encourage everyone to find their thread, use it, and watch as it helps you to manifest your experiences and goals into something beautiful.