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Montréal, Quebec, Canada

Montréal offers a little taste of France without the transatlantic flight. Join us as we explore Montréal's dynamic food scene.

From French inspired cooking classes.... 

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From French inspired cooking classes.... 


What's Included ? 



Cocktail Welcome Hour

4 Meals ( 3 dinners + 1 lunch ) 

Transportation Passes 

Airport Transfers

3 Activities/ Excursions

Professional Photography   


All lodging assignments come in double occupancy - any special requests for private rooms must send us an email. 

Sample Itinerary 

Day 1 

We will kick the trip off with a welcome hour --- drinks on us! Then we will head off to dine at La Khaima. La Khaima offers a twist on traditional Moroccan cuisine in a tent-like space with cushioned benches.  

Day 2

Start the day your way with breakfast at Restaurant L'Avenue. One of the dopest restaurants in Montréal.   


We will then head off to venture on a guided walking tour of Old Montreal. There we will Discover the history, heritage, architecture and culture in this, the oldest area of the city of Montréal, dating back to New France. 

After our walking tour we will participate in a cooking class and prepare a French inspired dish.

We will end the night dining at O.Noir Visually impaired staff serve meals surprise dishes, including surprise dished, to guests. 

Day 3

Today we will start off with breakfast at (). With the assistance of savvy mixologists, we will be preparing a number or local favorite alcoholic beverages. Tapas will be served.  We will finish the night off enjoying a curated tasting menu at the very posh venue, Jellyfish restaraunt. 

Day 4

Today we will say our goodbyes. Check-out is at 12:00 pm. Please book your arrangements around this time.  

Itineraries are always subject to change with no additional charges. This is only an example itinerary and the final one will be shared closer to departure.