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Top Five Food and Culinary Trends of 2017

January 16, 2018

Before we get too far into 2018, lets cover a few foodie trends from 2017! 



You’re famished and feeling adventurous! You go to the refrigerator and -NOTHING! Well nothing except two bottles of water and that old mustard for some reason you have yet to get rid of (it’s expired, throw it away).  You search the internet for something new and intriguing so your hunger will cease.  And here you have found your Golden Ticket!


Here are my Top 5 Food and Culinary Trends that YOU can actually do and or eat! 


1. The Basics


Water! You might think this isn’t a trend but being fit and healthy is! Drinking water comes with that! What’s your favorite type/brand of water?



2. SAUCES!!!


Everyone likes a little PA-ZINGG with their food! Sauce is KA-POW you needed for that BLAHH meal… well it has been, we’re just making it a big deal this time! From sauces to glazes to gravies, any oil and or liquid based viscous deliciousness is on our radar, and whether you are the “SAUCE BOSS” or just the “Lil Sauce Intern” there is something out there for you! Sauce literally can go with anything; you just have to discover which one fits where. 


What’s your favorite sauce?




3. It is Delivery! Not DiGiorno


From Grubhub to Blue apron there are so many ways you can shop for food without even leaving your comfy bed! You can download apps such as Grub Hub or, what I personally use, UberEats to search local restaurants in your area. You select a place; select something from their menu and POOF! Yummy food at your door, you didn’t even have to put on real clothes.

 Another awesome service that doesn’t involve you removing your bonnet is Meal Delivery Kits. Kits like Blue Apron, Hello Fresh and Home Chef (just to name a few) allow you to cook your own gourmet meals without the extensive shopping. They have different meals to choose from each week! You select your meals for the week, they deliver and you get your ‘Carla Hall’ or ‘Marcus Samuelsson’ on in the kitchen! What’s your favorite Meal delivery service, or what’s your favorite restaurant that you wish delivered?




4. Whats the alternative!?


Alternative Proteins that is! A lot of people are either looking to become healthier by changing their diets or can no longer eat average sources of protein: Meat, specifically red meats. Alternative Proteins can be gained from sources such as Chickpeas, pumpkin and squash, beans, nuts! So go ahead and try out that falafel place you see all the time! P.S: Falafels are made with Chickpeas. What’s your favorite non-meat high protein dish?  












5. Ethnic Foods


Essentially go try food from cultures other than your own. People come from different places and different cultures. So consuming a dish made by someone of another background or ethnicity allows you to gain a quick glimpse into that person’s culture. Just because someone lives in the same country or even city, they can have a completely different background and cultural upbringing. So go check out what your peers or your city’s local dining scene has to offer; it will never let you down.




So whether you like to keep it plain and simple or try something new, these trends will give you a guide to what’s in for the rest of 2017. Stay locked into Food Feels Flava for our Top Projected Trends of 2018!









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